You can use our planters indoor, by inserting the original grower-pot into our planter. This way, our planter acts as a cachepot which holds the water and does not require a saucer.


For outdoor use,  a drill-hole can be opened at the bottom of the planter. To do so, utilize an electric drill with a ¼ drill bit where indicated. If there is no indication of where to open the drainage hole, choose an area in the bottom-center of the planter. Note, our planters are double walled and thus the drill must penetrate both walls in order to allow water to leak from the planter in the event of rain or when watered.

In addition to the drill hole, our planters have a distinctive “plug” on the bottom (this is not to be confused with a drill hole.) The plug is a unique benefit of our double wall feature which allows the planter to be filled with sand or gravel to insulate the plant and thus protect it from extreme weather conditions as well as add weight in windy environments



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Step 5: Enjoy a happy plant.