Special Features


For our double wall line, we feature a full depth inner wall which allows for optimal root insulation without sacrificing soil capacity

Durable polyresin construction resists cracking in cold temperature

On trend premium finishes, resistant to UV rays, chosen to accurately mimic natural materials such as stone, clay, wood and metal

Lightweight and easy to handle/carry out of stores

Equally suited to indoor use with protective saucers

All of our planters (with finishes) are hand painted, giving them a unique realistic look

Air between walls insulates roots so plants thrive in extreme climates!

Space between walls can be filled with sand or gravel to add weight in windy environments


Models & Finishes

35+ models ranging from 12ʼʼ – 40ʼʼ diameter.

Over 20 hand painted finishes which mimic natural materials.



0% duty to the US.

Worldwide shipping with competitive freight costs.

Shipping port of Caucedo.



Planters are made of Linear Low Density Polyethylene, a very strong resin which yields an all-weather planter that is virtually unbreakable.

Our rotational molding process creates the sturdiest resin products, surpassing the quality of injection and blow molding technology.



Finishes Used To Recreate The Look Of Premium Mediums 

Our philosophy has always been that the most beautiful compliments to a landscape are those made of premium mediums such as stone, clay, wood and even distressed metal.  We see character in weathered materials that appear to have stood the test of time, rather than in the identical and artificial.

Our finishes are intended to mimic the look of these sought after natural materials as closely as possible, and are suitable to all of our models from the classic to the contemporary.  We apply our finishes by hand to attain the look of organic surfaces, rendering each piece as unique and unprocessed, as they would be found in nature.